School to Career Cooperative Education

Through a partnership with local businesses and industries and full approval of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Nashoba Valley Technical High School is able to provide a School to Career Program for eligible juniors and seniors who meet established high standards of achievement, attendance, work readiness and interest. These students will spend their technical training week in a real world career setting in their chosen field. This experience is an extension of their education, and students do receive a grade from their employers based on the competencies they acquire. They then follow their regular academic schedule on the alternate week. Students are eligible for this program during the last trimester of the junior year and throughout the entire senior year. The following opportunities are available for students in the School to Career Program:

  • to work for an approved School to Career employer for pay
  • to work in situations that are beyond the scope and variety that can be offered in the typical school setting
  • to make contacts for summer and permanent employment


For more information regarding the School to Career program please review the documents below.

Phase I: Eligibility Information


Phase II: Establishing Placement


Phase III: Cooperative Placement Supervision


For additional information regarding the School to Career Program or to obtain copies of the School to Career Student/Parent Handbook or School to Career Employer's Handbook please contact Paul Jussaume, Director of Vocational Operations and Facilities at 978-692-4711 extension 11165.