Emily Hogan of Dracut and Eliott Searle of Townsend have been selected as September’s Students of the Month at Nashoba Tech.

            Emily Hogan is a junior in the TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts program and has been involved in several plays presented by the school’s Theatre Company, mainly behind the scenes, including the upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid,” for which she is in charge of light design. Emily is a high-honors student and was inducted into the National Honor Society as a sophomore. She hopes to continue her education after graduation and plans to remain in the theater or film industry. She also is a catcher and first baseman for the softball team.

Emily was nominated by Theatre Arts Instructor Emily Smith, who wrote: “She has stepped up as a leader for the Freshman Exploratory program, helping to train and teach freshmen in our program, and also as an officer for the Viking Theatre Company, organizing cast and crew for ‘The Little Mermaid.’ She’s a straight-A student, a star athlete on the varsity softball team, and consistently volunteers for Open Houses and after-school programs. Emily is a pleasure to have in class and has a sense of humor that keeps the class going.”

            Eliott Searle is a junior in the Early Childhood Education program. He is an honor-roll student and was selected to be a mentor for incoming freshmen. Eliott takes honors classes and one Advanced Placement class. He is involved in the Theatre Company as a behind-the-scenes technician and plans to attend college to become a middle-school English teacher.


Eliott was nominated by Guidance Counselor Jessica Lamond, who wrote: “Eli is a junior mentor to the incoming freshmen. He was such a wonderful help during orientation and really worked hard to connect with the new students. In the first few weeks of school, he was very helpful, showing students how to get to their classes and giving tours to the new transfer students as well. He was so valuable to the Guidance Department in September and always completed each task given to him with a smile.”

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