Posted on 07/10/2014

Pecora horan awards

Nashoba Tech 2014 graduates Shannon Pecora, left, and Ellen Horan, both of Westford, receive the Westford Women's Club Scholarship at Nashoba Tech's recent Senior Awards Night

awards - byron kelly

Nashoba Tech 2014 graduate Russell Byron-Kelly of Groton receives the Academic Award for Music from Principal Denise Pigeon at Nashoba Tech's recent Senior Awards Night.

awards hopf

Nashoba Tech 2014 graduate Dana Hopf, right, of Shirley receives the Merit Achievement Award for Banking, Marketing & Retail from Principal Denise Pigeon at Nashoba Tech's recent Senior Awards Night.


awards dual enrollment 2014Nashoba Tech 2014 graduates recognized at the recent Senior Awards Night for their achievement as Dual Enrollment students who also completed two years of college and graduated this spring with their Associate degrees are, from left, Amanda Woods (Townsend), Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford) and Alexis Tucker (Littleton).


ACADEMIC AWARDS English: Ellen Horan (Westford). Foreign Language: (George Nieves (Pepperell), Mathematics: Shannon Pecora (Westford). Music: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton). Physical Education/Health: Shannon Pecora (Westford), John Santosusso (Townsend). Science: Joseph Bernardo (Westford). Social Studies: Victoria Ronayne (Westford).


VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL AWARDS Merit Achievement Award Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing: Christopher Schueler (Pepperell). Automotive Technology: Michael Smith (Littleton). Banking, Marketing & Retail: Dana Hopf (Shirley). Carpentry & Cabinetmaking: Zebediah Updyke (Townsend). Cosmetology: Thandile Jackson (Shirley). Culinary Arts: Gabrielle Hathaway (Ayer). Dental Assisting: Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell). Design & Visual Communications: Aaron Hatch (Littleton). Early Childhood Education: Lindsay Mitchell (Chelmsford). Electrical Technology: Thomas Riccio (Chelmsford). Electronics/Robotics: Shaylene Hegarty (Townsend). Engineering Technology: George Nieves (Pepperell). Health Assisting: Makayla Crossman (Chelmsford). Hotel/Restaurant Management: Dylan Baro (Pepperell). Machine Tool Technology: Mark Cassidy (Chelmsford). Plumbing & Heating: Joshua Richard (Ayer). Programming & Web Design Development: Eliza Glatkowski (Littleton). TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts: Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut). Technical Proficiency Award Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing: David Boyle (Chelmsford). Automotive Technology: Thomas Fitzpatrick (Townsend). Banking, Marketing & Retail: John Santosuosso (Townsend). Carpentry & Cabinetmaking: Shannon Pecora (Westford). Cosmetology: Manuela Romano (Westford). Culinary Arts: Anthony Brann (Pepperell). Dental Assisting: Victoria Ronayne (Westford). Design & Visual Communications: Carl Marzolini (Tewksbury). Early Childhood Education: Alexandra Oldfield (Shirley). Electrical Technology: Austin Allen (Ayer). Electronics/Robotics: Joseph Bernardo (Westford). Engineering Technology: Samuel Anuta (Ayer). Health Assisting: Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley). Hotel/Restaurant Management: Julia Gladstone-Langill (Chelmsford). Machine Tool Technology: Adam Keller (Tewksbury). Plumbing & Heating: Stetson Lacombe (Groton). Programming & Web Design Development: Joseph Clark (Westford). TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts: Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend). MISCELLANEOUS AWARDS American Citizenship Award: Anthony Brann (Pepperell), Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell), Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut), Thandile Jackson (Shirley), Justin Marcouillier (Chelmsford), Julia Phelps (Lowell), Bryana Robinson (Chelmsford), Manuela Romano (Westford), Brittany Thomas (Townsend), Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley). Community Service Awards: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Dana Hopf (Shirley). District E Athletic Association Award: Molly Egan (Chelmsford), Cameron Skinner (Tewksbury). Dual Enrollment: Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford), Mina Henes (Chelmsford), Alexis Tucker (Littleton), Amanda Woods (Townsend). Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents' Certificate of Academic Excellence: Shannon Pecora (Westford), Amanda Woods (Townsend). Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award: Corey Greeley (Westford), Bryana Robinson (Chelmsford). Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators' Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award Nominee: Shannon Pecora (Westford). Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association's Student Achievement Award: Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut). Massachusetts Vocational Association's Presidential Certificate of Merit: Shannon Pecora (Westford), John Santosuosso (Townsend). Massachusetts Vocational Association's Vocational Technical Student Achievement Award Nominee: John Santosuosso (Townsend). National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar: Terri Cadrette (Townsend). Outstanding Senior Athlete/Scholar: Ben Hoenshell (Groton), Brittany Thomas (Townsend). President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Joseph Bernardo (Westford), Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Alexander Bross (Pepperell), Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Tori Cafeteiro (Chelmsford), Nicholas DeSalvo (Chelmsford), Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford), Kassandra Ducharme (Chelmsford), Mina Henes (Chelmsford), Dana Hopf (Shirley), Ellen Horan (Westford), Liam Kilbride (Townsend), Stetson Lacombe (Groton), Carl Marzolini (Tewksbury), Mua'au P'au (Shirley), Shannon Pecora (Westford), Victoria Ronayne (Westford), John Santosuosso (Townsend), Alexis Tucker (Littleton), Amanda Woods (Townsend). Recognition of students entering military: Gregory Andrade (Westford, Marine Corps), Christopher Gibbons (Pepperell, Army), Gabrielle Hathaway (Ayer, Army), Thomas Riccio (Chelmsford, Marine Corps), Duncan Schaff (Shirley, Marine Corps), John Young (Billerica, Navy). Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery: Terri Cadrette (Townsend). Walter J. Markham Award Nominee: Amanda Woods (Townsend). SCHOLARSHIPS AND MEMORIAL AWARDS Atrium Medical Corporation: Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford). Bemis Associates: Dana Hopf (Shirley), Thandile Jackson (Shirley), Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley). Chelmsford Commission on Disabilities: Kaitlyn Martin (Chelmsford), Brittany Rosa (Chelmsford). Chelmsford Lions Club: Tori Cafeteiro (Chelmsford), Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford). Dorr: Aaron Hatch (Littleton). Electrical Apprenticeship Program: Austin Allen (Ayer). East End Club: Brittany Thomas (Townsend). Franco American Lucien Menard Memorial: Shaylene Hegarty (Townsend), Shannon Pecora (Westford). Friends of the Cameron Senior Center: Thomas Fitzpatrick (Townsend), Shannon Pecora (Westford). Friends of Nashoba: Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford), Victoria Ronayne (Westford), John Santosuosso (Townsend), Brittany Thomas (Townsend). Groton Women's Club: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton). Groton Women's Club Merit: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton). John & Abigail Adams MCAS Scholarship: Samuel Anuta (Ayer), Joseph Bernardo (Westford), Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Alexander Bross (Pepperell), Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Terri Cadrette (Townsend), Nicholas Cieslik (Pepperell), Joseph Clark (Westford), Philip Danek (Chelmsford), Nicholas DeSalvo (Chelmsford), Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford), Kassandra Ducharme (Chelmsford), Molly Egan (Chelmsford), Veronique Escabi (Townsend), William Falconer (Pepperell), Mina Henes (Chelmsford), Dana Hopf (Shirley), Ryan Hopkins (Littleton), Ellen Horan (Westford), John Hunt (Dunstable), Liam Kilbride (Townsend), Stetson Lacombe (Groton), Dominique Manning (Ayer), Carl Marzolini (Tewksbury), Erika Morin (Townsend), Sarah Murray (Pepperell), Mua'au P'au (Shirley), Shannon Pecora (Westford), Brian Quin (Townsend), Victoria Ronayne (Westford), John Santosuosso (Townsend), Christopher Schueler (Pepperell), Tyler Talmer (Pepperell), Brittany Thomas (Townsend), Alexis Tucker (Littleton), Jacob White (Chelmsford), Amanda Woods (Townsend). John D. MacEntee Memorial: Julia Phelps (Lowell), Bryana Robinson (Chelmsford). Kevin McKenzie Scholarship: Anthony Brann (Townsend). Littleton Scholarship Trust: Aaron Hatch (Littleton). Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank: Terri Cadrette (Townsend), John Santosuosso (Townsend). Lowell Women's City Golf Tournament: Cara Masson (Westford), Brittany Thomas (Townsend). Massachusetts State Police Excellence in Vocation: David Boyle (Chelmsford), Christopher Schueler (Pepperell). Massachusetts Vocational Association: John Santosuosso (Townsend). Michael Lorden II Memorial: Alexander Bross (Pepperell). Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation: Victoria Ronayne (Westford). Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce: John Santosuosso (Townsend). National Honor Society: Shannon Pecora (Westford). New England Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical Inspectors: Alexander Bross (Pepperell). North Central Massachusetts Chamber Foundation: Amanda Woods (Townsend). North Middlesex Savings Bank: Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut), Ellen Horan (Westford). Pepperell Business Association: Anthony Brann (Pepperell), Austin Gath (Pepperell), Shannon Pecora (Westford), Manuela Romano (Westford). Pepperell Garden Club: George Nieves (Pepperell). Pepperell Lions Club: Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell), Rebecca Maher (Pepperell). Pepperell Women's Club: Anthony Brann (Pepperell). Ralph E. House: Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford). Robert S. Hargraves: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton). Sgt. William J. Woitowicz Memorial: Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut). Squannacook River Runners: Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Brittany Thomas (Townsend). Tewksbury Youth Baseball: Erik Freitag (Tewksbury). Thomas J. DeVincentis Memorial: Austin Allen (Ayer), Austin Gath (Pepperell), Mua'au P'Au (Shirley), Manuela Romano (Westford), Brittany Thomas (Townsend). Thomas Lamasurer Memorial: Austin Allen (Ayer). Town of Chelmsford: Joshua Desrochers (Chelmsford). Town of Groton: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton). Westford Against Substance Abuse: Cara Masson (Westford). Westford Kiwanis Club: Raysam Donkoh-Halm (Dracut), Manuela Romano (Westford). Westford Regency: Kevin Guimond (Pepperell). Westford Rotary Club: Joseph Bernardo (Westford), Victoria Ronayne (Westford). Westford Women's Club: Ellen Horan (Westford), Shannon Pecora (Westford.)