Vocational Coordinator


Nashoba Valley Technical High School provides technical training for young men and women who desire skills required for successful employment with a curriculum that combines safety, theory and practical application in a state of the art facility. 

All technical programs align with the Career and Technical Education Frameworks and are structured so that students acquire knowledge and skills in occupational safety and health, program specific technical standards, embedded academics, employability, management and entrepreneurship, and technology.

Arts Cluster

  • Design and Visual Communications
  • Programming and Web Development
  • Television and Media Broadcasting/Theatre Arts

Health Services and Animal Science Cluster

  • Dental Assisting
  • Health Assisting
  • Veterinary Assisting

Construction and Agriculture Cluster

  • Carpentry and Cabinetmaking
  • Electrical Technology
  • Plumbing and Heating

Hospitality, Tourism, Business, and Sales Cluster

  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Management
  • Marketing 

Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Robotics

Transportation Cluster

  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Automotive Technology
 Education Cluster
  • Early Childhood Education and Care

Exploratory Program

Students entering Nashoba Valley Technical High School may or may not have an idea of the technical program in which they wish to be enrolled.  We believe the value of exploration and decision-making is, in itself, a learning experience for all incoming students.  Therefore, each freshman is scheduled into a 1-day mini exploratory of all technical programs.  This mini-exploratory period enables students to experience the realistic and hands-on applications of each program and get a glimpse of career opportunities found in each profession.

When the mini-exploratory concludes, students will select three programs they wish to explore for a 1-week period of time.  The district selects an additional three programs for each student, one that is deemed “non-traditional” to their gender.  It will be January when this process ends and students will, at last, choose a technical major.  Placement into a “career-path” is based upon the total experience, as well as assessment in career adeptness, aptitude, interest surveys and discussions with parents.

Upperclassmen and late-arriving freshmen, wishing to enroll, also participate in a shortened version of the exploratory program.  At least six programs will be explored before making a career-path choice.