The vision for Nashoba Valley Technical High School is to provide for an educational environment that integrates technology across the academic and vocational-technical curriculum. We are committed to teaching the students how to become proficient at gaining and using information and applying it in academic and vocational-technical areas. We believe that all students have the right to a technologically-rich education that addresses their diverse learning styles. Our primary objective is to facilitate learning by enabling students to become proficient information users who have the ability to technologically access, process, and communicate information and to manage its application in the academic and vocational-technical areas. This will enhance the quality of their thinking, and maintain an awareness of world events.

We foresee the Nashoba Tech school community as one where both students and teachers will have access to the most current technological resources. We foresee a school where technology will support all the curriculum areas. We foresee a faculty proficient in their role as facilitators in the educational process. We foresee a technology infrastructure efficiently managed with all the necessary personnel. We foresee schools, homes, organizations, community businesses, and residences linked electronically in a collaborative effort to educate Nashoba Tech youth.

To make this vision a reality we must have support at all levels, including school committee and school administration, school councils, staff and parents as well as the sending towns’ administration and citizens. This support translates into a financial commitment. If the plan is not implemented, the next generation of young adults will be short changed. We at Nashoba Tech need the encouragement to continue this process and utilize technology to provide the highest quality academic and technical education possible.