Nashoba Valley Child Care and Early Childhood Center

Nashoba Valley Early Learning Center


Welcome to Nashoba Valley Early Learning Center!  We are a non-profit teaching/lab school committed to the education of young children and the development of young teachers.

The programs at Nashoba Valley Early Learning Center (NVELC) are designed to provide opportunities for young children to learn about their world in an interactive and experiential way.  It is our goal to provide a curriculum and an environment rich in stimulating activities and materials where children and all areas of their development are encouraged, nurtured, challenged and allow them to experience success.  

We offer morning preschool and pre-k programs for children ages 3 years through 5 years old, a morning toddler exploration program for children ages 15 months through 3 years old, infant care and an extended care program to support those working parents.

Our indoor classrooms are spacious and bright offering a variety of center areas designed to stimulate, support and impact all areas of a child’s ongoing development.  Our large, fenced-in playground extends our classroom to the outdoors allowing for further exploration and discovery!

Educational Philosophy

At NVELC we believe in providing children with a rich variety of experiences and materials that motivate their interests.  By combining an emergent curriculum and developmentally appropriate practice we are able to explore subjects that are meaningful in the lives of the children we teach while addressing their individual needs.

Our curriculum includes a balance of free and spontaneous  play as well as structured activities facilitated by experienced teachers.  In the center's engaging, stimulating environment, children will have the opportunity to build friendships, make positive connections with teachers and student teachers, and lay a solid foundation for all their future academic learning.

We believe that learning for young children (all children!) should be joyful and meaningful.  It is our goal to instill a life-long love for learning in each child we teach.

About Our Programs

At NVELC we offer a variety of opportunities for children to explore and learn about their world.  All of our activities allow for the social and academic development of young children.  We create our curriculum to also address the individual needs of each child.  This means that whether your child is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, our activities will engage and inspire allowing them to learn, grow and have fun!  Our hands-on, project approach keeps the children busy and active, giving them time to explore and discover through authentic interactions with their teachers and their environment.

Our Preschool/Pre-K class includes story times, math & science explorations, music & movement activities, circle time, tabletop manipulatives & block play, art & cooking projects, dramatic play opportunities, and multicultural activities addressing holidays around the world!  All of these activities allow for positive growth and development in language, cognitive and social skills, as well as enhancing fine & gross motor skills.  The subtle and underlying academic components found in these activities help to ensure later success in the child's future kindergarten and beyond experiences.

Our Toddler Exploration class allows these younger children to begin exploring social interactions which will become an important component of their overall development.  Activities in this class will include tabletop manipulatives & block play, story times, music & movement activities, art, and dramatic play.  While there is not necessarily the subtle academic focus found in the Preschool/Pre-K class, the Toddler class activities still allow for positive growth and development in language, cognitive and social skills, as well as enhancing fine & gross motor skills.

Our Infant program offers our youngest "students" a warm, home-like atmosphere filled with soft music and lots of cuddling!  This program allows parents the "peace of mind" to go about their work day knowing that their child is receiving quality care from compassionate, experienced educators.

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