Programming and Web Development

Students in the Programming and Web Development Program are training to become computer programmers, web developers, and information technology specialists. The program is designed to enable students to succeed in a highly technical, global environment. Students create and understand the technical details of computer software, applications, and networks. Creating programs and applications and building interactive web pages are just examples of the myriad of projects that students complete in this program.

Students become proficient with popular software packages including Eclipse, Notepad++, and Adobe Dreamweaver, used to create Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS projects. Introduction to discrete graphics and game design focuses on both design and development concepts. Students study gaming on multiple levels, including but not limited to game play, graphics, controls, difficulty levels and storyline.  

Students master the skills necessary to create software for personal computers, in addition to gaining an understanding of network design and computer administration. Students plan and write programs that provide computer users with different applications. Web sites are designed with a student’s inspiration to create graphics and animation while presenting information to the user. business communications and management procedures are a vital part of this course.  Students have the opportunity to earn the IC³ (Internet and Computing Core Certification).

Graduates of this program are prepared for positions in the fields of computer software development, such as telecommunications, gaming, and networking. Other positions include web and application developer.  Students who successfully complete this program easily continue on into an Associate or Bachelor degree programs at many colleges or universities.

Articulation Agreements between Nashoba Valley Technical High School’s Office Technology Program and post-secondary institutions:

Ben Franklin Institute of Technology

Web Design I, HTML & Dreamweaver - 3 credits

New England Institute of Art

Understanding Computer Technology - 3 credits

Internet Technologies - 3 credits

Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts

$825 tuition waiver and one foundation module (not a credit based system)

State Wide Articulation Agreement 

Licenses, Certifications, and Affiliations

American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) General Safety 10 Hour Certification 

Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³)