Employer, Student and Director Responsibilities
Employer, Student and Director Responsibilities
Posted on 03/15/2018

Employer's responsibilities:

- Complete Employer section of student's packet.

- Agree to a safety site inspection and a CORI check by NVTHS Vocational Director.

- Employ student for a minimum of 32 hours per week.  

- The employer is required to pay a student for their time worked. (see suggested pay rate). 

- An assessment will be sent via email at the end of each grading period and the employer is required to fill out and return to school (this will be part of the student's grade).


Student responsibilities:

The student is required to get a co-op packet and complete Phase I and Phase II of the packet (this consists of verifying they have a resume, cover letter, career plan, OSHA safety certification, work-based learning plan, worksite permission form,  and contract with the school, parent, and employer). 

The student is responsible for turning in a time card, signed by the employer, the week after co-op.


Vocational Director responsibilities:

- Vocational Director will verify student has completed Phase I and Phase II of the co-op packet.

- He will schedule a site visit for a safety site inspection, workers compensation verification and CORI check for supervisor of the student at the place of employment. 

With verification of passing CORI, the student will be allowed to go on co-op during their regular scheduled shop week.