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X2 Family Portal

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Nashoba Valley Technical High School has implemented a secure online grading program called Follett X2. Through this program, teachers are able to post grades for individual assignments, update overall averages, and post progress reports and trimester grades. This is an effective way to monitor your son or daughter's progress. You will be able to monitor his/her test scores, quizzes, homework and projects. Please also note that this method of frequent grade updates is not a perfect one. For example, at the beginning of a trimester there may be only two or three assignments that have been graded. If one grade is low, it may lower the average temporarily. However, this is not irreversible. When this happens early in the trimester, students will have plenty of opportunities through which to raise their grades. In fact, grades typically fluctuate throughout the term.


Grades will be posted online for progress reports and trimester grades. The dates are posted on the school calendar for the current school year.

The X2 Family Portal will be configured for your access after you submit the Family Portal Registration and Acceptable Use forms. Once complete, please return both forms to the Principal's Office. When the forms are received, your login information will be generated and emailed to you.  

For more information on how to view your son/daughter's grades, please visit the parent information page. If you have questions about a specific grade, please contact the teacher who assigned it.